I did something!

I actually admitted, in a post on the SDC forums, about how much I hate and am uncomfortable with thinking about physical contact with others.

Like, I find it okay in some cases, like a hug that I know about in advance or any touch from my partner. Otherwise I don’t like it though.

I don’t know when I started to be uncomfortable with physical contact. One time I remember my mom fucked with me about it though, and said, “this wouldn’t happen for no reason– what happened?” Even though nothing happened to cause it. And she proceeded to grab at and shake my thigh/leg/knee (idk) and that made me REALLY uncomfortable. I yelled at her.

Last week at Disneyland, someone bumped into me behind me, but they brushed against so much of my back (and didn’t even apologize!!!) that the contact made my skin crawl for a solid 20 seconds or more. I felt so gross.

It’s hard to admit these things. But I don’t think they will change. I don’t even want them to because the thought of making them change seems gross. I’m fine with not liking a lot of physical contact. I guess I just needlessly worry what other people think.

(As for this picture of Donald Duck… I took it at Disneyland and decided to use it as my visual since I mentioned Disneyland here.)



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