A Step Back in Housetraining?

Unfortunately, Lukas just had an accident indoors. It was my fault, as I misread what he was trying to communicate… Insert face-palm here.

I’ve been letting him in the bedroom sometimes lately, where he wasn’t allowed before because of housetraining worries (and my roommates never puppy-proofing by leaving their stuff on the floor or within reach… frequently). He’s been doing great though, so he deserves the expansion! And I know better now, so I can take him out when he needs, next time.

I misread his signals as playing, since he play-bowed and barked a bit (which he normally does during play)… but I guess he was trying to get my attention, actually! He did, but I hadn’t realized he (probably) wanted me to follow him and take him out.

My roommate was in the living room, but he found me in the bedroom specifically to ask me. Which I find kind of funny. He knows who actually takes care of him!

I hope for his sake and not only mine that he’ll get to be fully my pup! But we’ll see. The conversation with roommates still hasn’t happened.

Anyway, hopefully the accident won’t be too big a setback. I do think he was trying to tell me and I just misread, but I’ll have to see how it plays out.

Here’s a picture of him playing outside!



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