About Lukas

Lukas is a four-month old puppy who was born on August 28th. When my roommates said they wanted to get a dog for the apartment, I had expected that we’d adopt from a shelter, as they agreed with that idea when I said we should do that if we get one. One of the roommates, though, heard about a litter of puppies that was cute, so they picked one up — unfortunately, at only 5 weeks old.

Despite the early separation from his littermates and mother, Lukas adapted quickly to the apartment, and was eventually named Lukas by my suggestion since the name means “light” and he brightens up peoples’ lives.

Things went downhill when I realized that the only person actually taking good care of the puppy was me. I tried many times to hold a roommate meeting to discuss proper care/etc., but couldn’t get myself to actually address the points I needed to hold the meeting for, when the time came. Other times, the roommates just became unresponsive or didn’t want to have a meeting.

The question of who will get permanent ownership of the pup was up in the air, as he was originally co-owned by three people: me and my two roommates.

Despite the question of ownership and hesitance from roommates at first, they allowed me to bring him with me to Oklahoma! He got to meet other dogs, new people, and experience new things.

After getting back to Oklahoma, I was able to gain sole ownership of Lukas, so I can proceed with his training with the intention of making him a service dog.

I will update this page (hopefully) regularly.

Last update: 1.12.16