This blog is most likely going to display my photography, progress/experiences with mental illness/disabilities, and situations with Lukas, Zack, and any of my other dogs.

Please let me know if I should change fonts, colors, etc. to make the blog more readable/accessible!

As for information about me, my name is Kei, and I am a 20-year-old, queer/genderqueer student in my second year of college. My major is English, and I have been considering a minor in Japanese (however, the likelihood of that is questionable at this point).

With just the English major, I will likely be able to graduate early, and I haven’t yet figured out what that will mean for my healthcare (which is currently provided by and through the university I attend).

As far as I know, I am diagnosed with anxiety (social, according to one of my therapists) depression, and chronic/frequent migraines. I was evaluated for ADHD, and the results of that were inconclusive. The doctors I work with did agree, however, that I have the symptoms of ADHD, at least. I am temporarily self-diagnosed with ADHD, until I figure out an official diagnosis to explain the things I experience that aren’t symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. I’m also exploring the possibility that I may be autistic, rather than or along with the ADHD.

I’m half Japanese and half White, in terms of ethnicity.

I’ve just started the new quarter (my school is on a quarter system), and am crossing my fingers that it will be better than the last.

I will update this page (hopefully) regularly.

Last updated: 1.4.16


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